Australian firm Framed Venture Capital has invested $150K in hospitality startup Upswing

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

What are the latest news?

In the hospitality and travel industry, Upswing, a startup for which data-driven cognitive solutions are offered, raised a seed round of $ 150,000 through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from Framed Venture Capital, an Australian investment company.

As part of their partnership, Upswing and Framed will continue to align and refine the technology roadmap, business strategy, as well as regularly assess financial performance relative to the overall growth profile and forecast.

Pune-based startup will scale operations, technology, sales, and product development with this funding.

About Upswing Upswing is a new-age predictive data solutions startup for the hospitality and travel industries. The AI and Blockchain technology used by Upswing helps its customers (i.e., hotels and other hospitality providers) anticipate their guests' behaviour, while managing, enhancing, and delivering operational KPIs. Guests can benefit from the software platform during their stay, and the hotel can improve the efficiency of personalizing their experience. As an end-to-end solution provider, Upswing claims to cover all stages of the guest journey - pre-stay, re-stay, guest engagement, and guest marketing.

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