Amazon Hair Salon To Test AR And Other New Technologies

Amazon hair salon in London will endorse AR (augmented reality) technology. Aside from cutting your hair, the e-commerce giant will be testing with new tech.

However, this is not a new business model that Amazon is exploring. The company will use AR technology to let customers look over how different hairstyles can change their looks.

Using an AR app, Amazon will let Londoners try before they decide to dye, according to The Verge. Moreover, the Amazon hair salon will have two floors on Brushfield Street, Spitalfields, London.


Amazon Salon to showcase new tech and products

Amazon handed out a new post on April 20 on its official blog to announce Amazon Salon. The Day One Team described the new hair salon as a place where people can meet and experience cutting-edge technology, products, as well as solutions in in styling and hair care.

According to the company, the new salon in London’s East End Spitalfields area will be an “experiential venue.” Moreover, there are no plans to open another Amazon Salon location.

The Verge says the move is a mere marketing trick that hints at Amazon’s ambitions in the beauty and fashion sectors. It is also valuable mentioning here that the company has struggled to make its foray into these sectors due to competition from specialist stores.


Amazon to offer a new salon experience

Customers will have an opportunity to try different hair colors virtually and effectively with the help of AR technology. The styling stations will have Amazon Fire tablets so that the customers can enjoy entertainment while checking out their new look in a specific creative area.

Moreover, Amazon Salon will be experimenting with point-and-learn technology. Customers will be able to get information about a product kept on a display shelf simply by pointing at it using the new technology.

The educational content and brand video of the product appear on the display screen. Customers can then visit the product page on and purchase the product. These items will be delivered straight to their home.


Superior styling

The styling and hair care at Amazon hair salon will be provided by Neville Hair and Beauty director Elena Lavagni. Her highly-regarded salon has been based in London for 20 years.

Amazon Salon will provide an impressive array of hairdressing services for adults and kids. These services include texturizer treatments, braids, balayage, full head highlights, and blow-dry.

Unfortunately, those interested in getting an Amazon-brand trim will have to wait. The Amazon Salon will first open to the company’s employees. Common people will get entry in the coming weeks.

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